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Daytona Beach may be the World’s Most Famous Beach – but it is also the Official Summer Home of the London Symphony Orchestra and home to the Florida International Festival.

Since 1966, when Tippen Davidson, publisher of The News-Journal, music scholar and one of the founders of the Florida International Festival, decided Daytona Beach needed something besides Spring Break and Bikers to represent its ”Most Famous Beach,” the London Symphony Orchestra and the Daytona Beach community have forged a lasting and open friendship – culminating in the biennial Florida International Festival. “There were a lot of serious, cultured people in Daytona, but who’d know?” Davidson said. “So, I wrote to 30 of the world’s greatest orchestras, only the LSO came back with a program – down to the last grace note. In eight days we raised the money and told ’em, ‘come’.”

The summer of 1999, the LSO will once again return to the Florida shores to relax, soak up the sun and play some beautiful music. From July 23 to August 8, more than 70 concerts, performances and events will be staged by myriad classical, jazz, dance and contemporary artists.

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We hope to see you next summer in Daytona Beach, to join us for some of the most beautiful music and beaches the United States has to offer.