Education and Community Outreach

A lesser known aspect of each Florida International Festival, but one of its largest components, is Education and Outreach.

Through these programs the Festival is able to take music and music education to locations not always considered venues for performances throughout the two-county area the Festival serves.

These programs also are offered free of charge to the public in most cases.

Tammy Millar of Orlando claps a beat, Saturday July 19, 2003 as instructor Martin Santangelo looks on at the Flamenco Dance Class in the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center. (Photo: David Tucker)

MASTER CLASSES: A growing aspect of the Festival is its Master Class section. Visiting artists are asked to provide workshops to the public aside from the general performance. Often the Festival teams up with other arts organizations in the area, such as Atlantic Center for the Arts, to provide advanced training in music or dance technique to amateur artists. Participants and observers meet with the artist in small class settings; to ask about performing and to learn from a true 'master' in the particular field.

PRE-CONCERT TALKS: Since 1993 the Festival has offered its audiences the chance to see the artists behind the music through its Pre-concert Talk Series. Prior to each LSO Classical Concert, ticket holders may sit in on these impromptu lectures by LSO members, visiting composers, local music scholars or others who may be involved in the Festival music scene. The Pre-concert Talk may have little to do with the actual concert for the evening. However, it gives our patrons the opportunity to listen and learn about the music, the musician or the human condition.

BELLSOUTH YOUTH INSTITUTE: The Festival Institute is funded by BellSouth and in partnership with Stetson University. Intense training is provided to 23 of the state's top high school musicians. Students in grades 9 through 11 who have participated in the Florida All-State Band or Orchestra programs are invited through a selective process to apply to the Institute. Participants spend seven days being mentored by career musicians from the LSO, the LSO's Animateur, Richard McNicol and professors at Stetson University's School of Music. More »

(left to right clockwise) Liz Benoit-Crew, on violin, Ryan Stauffer, on violin, and Yank'l Garcia, on viola, play Friday, July 18, 2003, during practice of the Bell South Youth Ensemble at Stetson University in DeLand. (Photo: Chad Pilster)

Members of the Miami String Quartet (left to right) Cathy Meng Robinson and Keith Robinson play Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at the First Presbyterian Church in DeBary. (Photo: Chad Pilster)

INFORMANCE SERIES: INformances are less predictable than formal concerts. They have been known to include chats by the artists, presentations and demonstrations of uncommon instruments and conversations between artists and audience members – something for all ages and backgrounds.

LSO FAMILY CONCERT: The LSO Family Concert brings the experience of hearing a live orchestra to thousands who may never have had the opportunity before. The hope is to expose young people to the wonder of classical music and instill in them a lifetime appreciation of music. The LSO Family Concert is open to all families. The London Symphony Orchestra, joined by the BellSouth Youth Ensembles, present a morning of music specially prepared for young people and including audience participation. More »

With arms flailing Taylor, 5, sings along with the audience to The Sunburned Sailor as the London Symphony Orchestra perfroms during the LSO Family Concert at Peabody, July 24, 2003. (Photo: Joanna Kaney Olivari)

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: The Festival offers job experience and education to more than 30 high school and college students through its Internship Program. Interns from area schools join the Festival's permanent staff in nearly all aspects of the Festival. From administration, operations, marketing to sales and service, these young people not only earn money for their continued education but also gain job skills, networking opportunities and references which are important resume-building experiences.

Interns have the special opportunity to see what it takes to produce a Festival of this size and the variety of career options available in the behind-the-scenes-side of the cultural arts.

The Festival gathers its interns from all of the area colleges, including Stetson University, Bethune-Cookman College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Community College, Florida State University and the University of Florida. Interns have also come from many other Florida State Schools and out-of-state facilities.

Those interested in applying for an internship for the 2003 Festival should mail a resume and a brief cover letter to Florida International Festival, P.O. Box 1310, Daytona Beach, Fl 32115-1310, or email the information to [email protected]

FESTIVAL CONCERT DEFINITIONS: The Festival differentiates the types of performances through various headlines. They include the LSO Classical Series, LSO Pops Concert, Festival Stage, New Horizons, and Mini Concerts.

LSO Classical Series - The centerpiece of the Festival, five unique concerts are performed under the direction of guest conductors and artists.

LSO Pre-Concert Talk Series - Prior to each LSO Classical Series, ticket holders may sit in on impromptu lectures by LSO members, visiting composers, local music scholars or others who may be involved in the Festival music scene.

LSO Pops Concert - Typically performed before a capacity crowd, the LSO entertains guests with music of a more popular nature.

Festival Stage - Popular performers take to the main stage to kick-off and close out the Festival season.

New Horizons - Considered the cutting edge of entertainment, up-and-coming artists take advantage of this series to showcase their unique talents.

Mini Concerts - Named for its performances in smaller, more intimate settings, this series features chamber group performances. An after-concert social hour allows mini concert guests the opportunity to meet the artists.

LSO Ensembles - Various combinations of the LSO musicians performing together.

What is SummerFaire? - Volusia County is home to many outstanding art institutions that offer a heady mixture of both the popular and classic art forms. Although informally organized, "SummerFaire" gathers together their summer programs during the Festival to provide additional activities and options in the area.


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