Personal Loans

A personal loan is a loan taken by an individual to finance their expenses like a wedding or a vacation, and home renovations among others. It is different from other loans because there are no restrictions as to how the loan should be used. That means that the borrower can use the money on whatever they want. This article explains the features and benefits of personal loans.

Features Of Personal Loans


This is an attractive feature because the borrower can use the money on what they want. There are no rules on how they will use the finances. When you get a home loan or an auto loan, they can only be used to purchase property or a car respectively.

Lack Of Collateral

The loan is an unsecured loan. Thus it is not necessary to provide any form of security to the lending body. Security could be in the form of cash, shares and other assets that you possess. Some clients may not be able to raise the amount of cash that is needed for collateral. Therefore, this is an attractive feature to them.

Factors That Influence Approval Of A Personal Loan

Credit Score

Your credit score will influence the approval of your loan. The lenders will use it to determine if you qualify to get the loan or not. When you have a good credit score, the chances of you getting the loan are higher as compared to the individuals who have a low credit score. This is because it shows them that you have financial discipline and they can trust you with the loan.


This is a significant factor when it comes to the approving process. This is because you will not provide collateral; therefore, the lenders will ensure that you have a steady job during the loan period. That will assure them that you can pay off the loan with ease.

Annual Income

Once more, since you will not provide collateral, the lenders have to make sure that you have enough income pay your monthly installments. The higher your income is, the higher the chances are of your loan being approved.

Advantages Of A Personal Loan

Quick To Process

Personal Loans are quick to process because they do not need much documentation, unlike the home and auto loans.

No Collateral Needed

If you do not have assets that you can offer as security yet you need money, consider getting a personal loan because security is not a requirement.