A Simple Guide On How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

A Simple Guide On How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

The transition from being engaged to starting wedding plans is not easy as it seems. There are moments when you picture your wedding, the glam, presents, cake, family, and friends. Behind all that are sleepless nights of back-breaking preparation, shouts, and tears. Preparing for a wedding is a very daunting task that needs a lot of preparation and planning. We have debunked a simple guide that might ease your wedding strategy.

A guide on how to plan your dream wedding

Make it official

gfhfghgfgfgfhWell, it’s always best that both families are aware of the decision to wed before starting preparations. You can organize private dinners where you can disclose the information. Alternatively, you can announce in a large family gathering. If you are unable to meet up with your parents, pass on the information via phone or video call.

Picture what you want your dream wedding to be

Take time to brainstorm with your fiancé of what you expect.Have an idea of the theme you prefer; whether church, garden or countryside. This is the moment to bring out all those ideas of a wedding on the beach, a ballroom or a mountainside. This is not the right time to get into the financial specifics yet.

Schedule the timing

You do not need to set a specific time or date. Instead have a rough idea of the time, season and month where your wedding will be held. This period is good enough to determine where you shall hold the ceremony and after party. Decide on how big an event you have in mind and the estimated costs involved. A guest list is important too as it helps when budgeting.

Time for the money talk

With the tough economic conditions today, a wedding has become a major financial burden. It’s not surprising if you have friends or family chip in. This is the point to set your base line and see how much you can raise both internally and externally.

Organize the event

Have a scrap book with different sections that carry their own budgets. Write down how much you expect to spend during the event and write down your expenditures. As you approach your maximum limit, you can innovate your expenses lists by taking a more cost-cutting approach.

Seek out a suitable venue

fghfghfghgfhgfhDecide on where to hold your wedding ceremony. If it is to be held back at the countryside, reach out to some of your relatives that still reside there to help in preparation. If it will be held in a resort or hotel, go there in person and inspect the premise. Negotiate for a good rate if their process are flexible. If they have lower prices during low peak seasons, you might save some money opting for that package.

Final preparations

The other important steps to decide on are the particulars during the ceremony. For instance, selecting the bridesmaids, hiring vendors, photographers, buying wedding clothing and much more. When planning out a wedding do it with all your heart. This is the moment in life where there is no room for second guessing. Today you can visit a wedding planning website to save you all the trouble.…